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Welcome to This blog is dedicated to providing tips, pointers, howtos, and other information on solving real security problems. Too often today security professionals come up with “solutions” that don’t really help users solve their security problems. This stems from many reasons, including not understanding the problem correctly, not understanding the available technologies, and a desire to sell a solution that may not make sense in a particular environment.

This blog will follow a pattern of choosing a security problem and looking at how to solve that problem. As often as possible, this will come in the form of technical examples including code and policy snippets. This blog will often utilize SELinux in some way to solve those problems. There are 2 reasons for this. First, I’m heavily involved in SELinux in my day job at Tresys, so the problems I see are frequently addressable by SELinux. Second, SELinux is a very flexible security framework, so it actually does address a very large number of security problems. That said, I’m going do my best to focus on solving the problem and utilizing appropriate technology to do it.

So, sit back and enjoy. Hopefully you’ll find solutions to some of the security problems you’re facing today. If not, feel free to let me know what those problems are so I can try to focus on them in future posts.

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